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From the Executive Director

These past few years have been challenging for technology leaders and the Texas Education Technology Leaders (TETL) has grown and changed to better serve you in the critical role you play supporting millions of students across our state. We know that being a leader in the field depends on having strong peer support and professional guidance and TETL is here to help by providing the services and targeted offerings YOU and your team need to stay one step ahead of an ever-changing technology environment.

As a member of TETL you get:

1. A powerful network that connects you with innovate ideas and like-minded professionals

We host 3 face-to-face events each year to provide time to connect with your colleagues and other experts in the technology business world to keep you up-to-date with cutting-edge ideas. We focus on leadership, instructional and technical aspects of technology, plus guidance for small districts. As a member you have access to your peers on monthly member calls the third Thursday of each month at 1:30pm!

2. Targeted professional development to help you lead with confidence

We host a variety of in person and online training on topics specific to your needs in terms of leadership, essential skills of the CTO, improving the safety and security of your technology environment, and more! Each year we host a cohort study group to prepare districts for the Trusted Learning Environment (TLE). Earning the TLE Seal is a mark of distinction, signaling that the recipient has taken strong, measurable steps to help protect the privacy of student data.

3. Trends and best practices to problem solve technology challenges

Our organization publishes white papers and other resources for our members that provide timely information about various hot topics each year. Our Next Digital Steps Committee researches and develops these resources as quick tools to support technology leaders and their teams. 

4. Trusted guidance on privacy, security, and compliance policies

TETL focuses on keeping our members current with new laws and administrative regulations. We provide training on creating cybersecurity plans, conducting technology audits and risk assessments, and the ins and outs of cybersecurity insurance. TETL has been instrumental in developing and revising a state-wide data privacy agreement to use with education software that collects student data.

Now more than ever, it’s time to re-connect with your colleagues to share your challenges and successes. Come join your colleagues at one of our events! Mark your calendars for:

Put TETL at the center of your professional learning strategy!

Alice Owen, Ph.D., CAE, CETL

New TETL White Paper: Small Districts, Big District Needs

Problem: With fewer resources available than larger school districts, small school districts struggle to provide the same education technology assets and opportunities to students.

We’re all in this together! We’ve heard that phrase a lot over the last couple of years. The truth is when it comes to technology we really do have the same issues and needs regardless of the size of the district. The catch is that small districts are at a severe disadvantage because they don’t have the staff or resources that large districts do. With that in mind, Texas Education Technology Leaders (TETL) created this white paper to assist small districts with information and resources on data privacy, cybersecurity, funding, budgeting, and staffing. 

Overview: Through the use of already existing planning resources, careful budget planning, and strategic staffing decisions, small districts can ensure the safety of their school communities and provide students with the same access to education technology as students in large districts. Data privacy is increasingly important for K-12 districts in a digital age where student and staff information is stored across many systems. Small school districts in Texas can adhere to existing standards for security implementation and staff training by taking advantage of existing resources from established partners. Further, through a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms for school funding, small districts can leverage existing local, state, and federal funding streams and maximize efficiency in order to provide students with the technological opportunities and district systems necessary for K-12 education in the 21st century.

TETL is your partner to help you be successful in all of your technology endeavors. If you are not yet a member, we encourage you to join. From white papers like this one to professional learning and networking opportunities, a wealth of resources are available to you. We truly are all in this together! If you would like to receive a copy of the full white paper, please send an email to Dianne Borreson at

Statewide Cybersecurity Awareness Training

House Bill 1118 (87R) amends some of the cybersecurity training requirements for state and local governments. Here is a link to the bill text.  Organizations are encouraged to confer with their legal counsel concerning specific requirements, or if there are additional questions. DIR has published a new certification form for the FY2022 training cycle for entities to verify compliance.


What is a Certified Cybersecurity Training Program? 

Texas Government Code 2054.519 State Certified Cybersecurity Training Programs requires  requires DIR, in consultation with the Texas Cybersecurity Council, to certify at least five cybersecurity training programs for state and local government employees and Section 2054.5191 requires state and local government employees and officials to complete a certified training program. The statute also requires state government contractors to complete a certified training program.


Annual Timeline

Date Entity Description
Annually All government entities Train employees on certified training programs
March 15 - April 30 DIR DIR with consultation of the Texas Cybersecurity Council reviews requirements of the certified training programs
May 15 DIR Updated list of certification requirements published
June 1 Training providers and government entities Submission of training programs begins
July 31 Training providers Submission of training program ends
August 31 DIR New list of certified training providers published
August 31 All government entities Report completion of training submitted to DIR via the web form


Read more.

Join today and take advantage of new member benefits


The 2022 TETL Summer Clinic will be held June 22 - 23, at the Kalahari Resort and Conference Center, in Round Rock, TX. Register for the conference and reserve hotel rooms NOW! 



Updates to TEA Online Testing Infrastructure Matching Grant

Applicants are encouraged to regularly check the Grant Opportunities webpage for updates to the program guidelines and additional resources. The following updates are reflected in the program guidelines errata.

  • The grant application due date has been extended to April 4, 2022. A table of revised dates for the grant can be found below.
  • Tier 2 funding is restricted to hardware and hardware installation and activation. The costs of firewalls and other software are not eligible to be covered by the grant, nor are any recurring charges, such as long-term service contracts for maintaining equipment.
  • Since the OTI Matching Grant requires the submission of FCC Form 471 (a financial document required for E-Rate federal grants), support related to submitting FCC Form 471 for funding year 2022 will be provided through a live webinar series. Dates for the FCC Form 471 webinars and registration links are listed in the table below. Registration information will also be included in the grant’s program guidelines. In addition, recordings of these webinars will be posted on the Grant Opportunities webpage. Read more.

Who We Are

Texas Education Technology Leaders (formerly Texas K-12 CTO Council) is a chapter of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and is the premier organization for technology leaders in Texas K-12 school districts. Being a leader in the field of education technology depends on having the right support and guidance to stay ahead of quickly changing technology trends. Your network is key to helping the school districts you serve implement the best systems and solutions possible. We understand the challenges you face today . . . and we help you look ahead to what’s on the horizon. We tailor our services to support you and to help you stay one step ahead of an ever-changing technology environment. 

We empower education technology leaders . . . for today and tomorrow.


Members benefit from a host of professional development opportunities and access to a network of K-12 EdTech experts.


Through professional development, conferences, meetings, webinars, and study groups, Texas K-12 CTO Council gives members a variety of opportunities to connect.


View the most comprehensive job board within the Texas K-12 EdTech industry.

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