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CTO Mentoring Program

The CTO Mentorship Program is a service of TETL designed to provide new or aspiring school CTOs a framework for continuous improvement. The following mentoring program options are available.

Option 1: Subject Matter Expert Partner

Option 1 is a free mentoring service in which a new or aspiring CTO is paired with an experienced CTO from a similar size district to be a resource and guide.


•Phone calls and video conferencing
•Face-to-face time at meetings and conferences
•A buddy program and follow agenda of the mentor
•Help connect the mentee with CoSN national resources
•Help connect the mentee with TETL activities including CETL and committee work
•Help make connections with similar districts and projects
•Serve as subject matter experts for TETL

Option 2: CTO Mentor

Option 2 is a fee-based contract service provided by experienced CTOs through TETL. The primary purpose of this service is to mentor a new or aspiring CTO, or a CTO wanting to improve, by assisting him/her with daily CTO operations.


•Connect with other CTOs in Texas
•Participate in a leadership book study
•Participate in a weekly/biweekly conference call
•Two on-site visits per contract period
Be available to support the CTO in the daily operations of job responsibilities

For more information, please email Dianne Borreson at

Option 3: CETL Professional Development

Option 3 is a fee-based contract service provided by Certified Education Technology Leader (CETL) CTOs through TETL. The primary purpose of this service is to provide professional development and preparation for taking the Consortium of School Networking (CoSN)’s CETL exam.


•One-on-one training in the modules of the CETL framework
•Preparation for taking the CETL exam
•Work with a CETL in the daily operations including up to six site visits to a mentor’s school district (if desired)
•Provide recertification and continuing education and professional development training

Option 4: Special Projects

Option 4 is a fee-based contract service provided by experienced CTOs for special district projects such as bond planning, process definition, RFP evaluation, planning, E-rate, etc. The primary purpose of this service is to help build the core skills, confidence, and competencies of a new or aspiring CTO.  


•Monthly on-site one-on-one mentoring

•Preparation and participation in staff meetings

•Relationship building with other district leaders

•Setting appropriate expectations with your supervisor

•Evaluation and setting expectations of subordinates

•Technology planning and budget preparation

Special projects

•Research for hardware and software solutions

•Preparation of RFP documents and evaluation of proposals/bidders

Bond proposal support and E-rate program support

Option 5: Executive Team Guide

Option 5 is a fee-based contract service provided by experienced CTOs to assist the district’s executive team with assessing the current state of technology, including organizational and technology analysis, and strategic planning. The service can be further used to set the long-term direction technology should take to help meet the district’s objectives for instruction and operational efficiency.


Surveys and Data Analysis

  • Develop survey questions and analyze survey data
  • Customer polling and satisfaction surveys
  • Student and community surveys
  • Leadership effectiveness survey

Strategic Planning

  • Create cross-function planning team
  • Mission and vision statement development
  • Evaluation of organizational assessment data
  • Negotiating and setting priorities and timelines
  • Gain district and community buy-in
  • Plan execution and progress review
  • Organizational analysis

Option 6: Vendor Advisory

Option 6 is a vendor advisor mentorship with an emphasis on working with suppliers to better understand education technology needs and service offerings. This mentorship gives technology industry thought leaders the opportunity to participate in engaging and enlightening discussions around key topics.

Includes: Roundtable discussion and webinars organized by TETL.

Option 7: Mastermind Leadership Group

Level 7 mentoring facilitates problem solving, provides research on hot topics, and increases collaboration with CTOs, governmental agencies, and vendors. A fee-based offering may include executive level reports, presentations, book studies, hosting virtual meetings, data analysis, surveys for special, and any other opportunities needed to support TETL, districts, or vendors.


  • Opportunities for members to participate in book studies utilizing online resources associated with study and post their reviews online (i.e.
  • Host timely webinars that correspond with current challenges or solutions based on member feedback
  • Utilize virtual two-way tools for increased human interaction
  • Work in a mastermind study group with CTOs from around the state in a facilitated environment to review hot topics, books, research, and solve problems

Option 8: Performance Excellence

Level 8 is a fee-based contract service provided through TETL. The primary purpose of this service is to work with districts to design technology organization structures, systems, and processes that will improve results, be sustainable, and reach goals.


•Design organizational improvement programs
•Build performance excellence programs based on the Baldrige framework with leadership, strategy, customer focus, measurement, analysis and knowledge management, workforce, operations, and results
•Implement service management systems based on the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
•Develop process performance management systems using the American Productivity Quality Center (APQC) process classification framework