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TETL offers a broad range of virtual and in-person trainings for you and your staff throughout the year, in addition to our regular quarterly events.


TETL monthly membership Zoom calls are designed to provide members with an opportunity to dialogue and interact with colleagues across the state. Calls take place on the third Thursday of every month, at 1:30 PM, and are open to all TETL members. 


Links to all upcoming Membership meetings, trainings, and webinars can be found on our Events Calendar.


View the previously recorded webinar here.

Mary Barrett, TASB RMS Strategy & Risk Officer, discusses the ins and outs of cybersecurity insurance. Barrett is joined by a couple of our TETL member districts to talk about specific ways in which you can improve your security poster and mitigate risks. This is an interactive discussion, full of valuable information and strategies.

Cybersecurity budgets explained: how much do companies spend on cybersecurity? Read the article.

How Districts Should Prepare for Online Testing

TEA shares some updates about the new regulations that go into effect next year. You will also hear from several district CTOs on how they are getting their districts prepared. This is aimed especially for small districts, but the information will benefit all.

Watch the recorded session here:

View the slide presentation.

Data Privacy Agreements at the National and Texas State Levels

View the previously recorded webinar here.

Learn about the National and Texas Data Privacy Agreements in this TETL webinar. Hear about the Access for Learning organization and the release of the updated National Data Privacy Agreement (NDPA) and the Student Data Privacy Consortium (SDPC).

Learn how to use the Texas Data Privacy Agreement (TX DPA), access the data privacy portal and post agreements. Also listen in on how Texas Education Technology Leaders (TETL) are using the NDPA and creating an addendum to the NDPA to specially address requirements at the Texas state level.



TETL Leadership Development Series

Leading Your Legacy

•Building personal leadership skills.     

•Identifying & fostering leaders within your organization.      

•Succession planning


Leading Your Legacy is a series of leadership development sessions designed to improve your knowledge and skills as a technology leader.